A beautiful Swedish fall (at times…)

The weather has been changing in good and bad ways in the past few weeks. About two weeks ago, it was so cold (nearly 20-30 degrees during the days) ! I momentarily thought I would not survive the Swedish winter. Around this time, it also began to start getting darker. When I wake up in the mornings at about 7:30 the sun is usually just creeping up. It begins to get dark at about 4pm. We had lots of rain (it reminded me of Seattle) the past ten days, which was difficult to endure. However, I have to hand it to the Swedes that they are experts at staying healthy and happy during tough falls and winters. My host parents went out jogging together at 7pm last night when it was cold and pitch black outside! Despite these troubles , I am so appreciative to enjoy those clear, bright, and beautiful Stockholm days when there are no clouds in the sky and all the fall colors are vividly illuminated… Please enjoy a few pictures from these types of days!

Fall colors in Huddinge

My neighborhood in Huddinge

With my classmates Angie (North Carolina) and Shannon (California) at Karolinska


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