Visits to two Rotary Clubs

On Thursday , October 11th and Friday, October 12th I visited two Rotary clubs here in Stockholm! On Thursday, I visited the Rotary Stockholm International Club and had the chance to meet the District Governor, Monia Sturén.

With Monia Sturen (Rotary District Governor 2350) and Gustaf-Wilhelm Hellstedt (Stockholm International Rotary Club President) at Stockholm International Rotary Club meeting

On Friday, I attended the Upplands Väsby Rotary Club, which is also my new host club. It was so nice to enjoy both of these opportunities socializing with international and Swedish Rotarians.

With Cecilia Verner, my host counselor, at the Upplands Väsby meeting

Upplands Väsby Rotary Club Meeting

So far, my experiences with Rotary here in Stockholm reflect the trans-cultural nature of this great organization. All of my experiences with Rotary–both in Mercer Island and Stockholm, and with Rotaract in Stockholm–have included people from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds coming together towards common visions for service and peace. I am very excited to meet more of the wonderful people involved in Rotary at the Stockholm District 2350 Conference this Saturday, October 27th.


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