Stockholm City Hall

Naieya and me outside Stadshuset

On October 21st, I visited the Stockholm City Hall (Stadshuset in Swedish) with my good friend and classmate, Naieya Madhvani. This was my second visit to the City Hall during my lifetime, as Lilian Christensen (my family friend) took me there when I first visited Sweden as a child. It was nice to return to this beautiful monument. Each year, the Nobel Prize Banquet is held at the City Hall. The City Hall is one of Stockholm’s greatest examples of National Romanticism style of architecture. This style is exemplified in the Stadshuset by the many symbols of Swedish history and culture depicted on the walls of the Golden Hall. Stadshuset was completed un 1923.

The picture below shows the Blue Hall, which is the location of the Nobel Banquet dinner each year.

The Blue Hall

Me inside the Blue Hall

My favorite room at Stadshuset is the Golden Hall, the site of the Nobel Banquet dancing each year. The Golden Hall is an amazing room filled with symbols and depictions of Sweden’s national history. It is named the Golden Hall because 18 million pieces of gold cover the mosaic walls. The main  image in the hall is of the Queen of Lake Mälaren, a female symbol of Stockholm. This mythological Queen is flanked by representations of “the West” on her left and “the East” on her right, which is supposed to signify Stockholm’s central location between Western and Eastern cultures.

the Golden Hall

the Queen of Lake Mälaren

the East

the West

the Golden Hall

Thank you to Naieya Madhvani for many of these photos.


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